Vacancy: Cleaning and Security Coordinator

Job title: Cleaning and Security Coordinator
Department: Operations
Reporting to: Operations Manager
Direct subordinate: Internal and outsourced cleaning, safety and security staff, subcontractors

Main responsibilities, duties:

• Coordinates the outsourced cleaning provider team + outsourced security provider team + Operational Central Room;
• Coordinate, supervise and oversee the daily operations of the Shopping Centre, namely cleaning, security and safety, setting priorities for action and ensuring the proper deployment of technical and human resources.
• Prepare and submit the budget for cleaning, security and safety areas;
• Identify, select, propose for approval and follow up on items that compose the investment plan of the Shopping Centre in the areas of cleaning, security and safety;
• Implement actions to mitigate operational risk;
• Analyze and select companies providing expert services (cleaning, security and safety) and set action standards (contract specifications and procedures) to ensure the best cost /quality service.
• Coordinate the collaboration contacts between the Shopping Centre and the official entities regarding security and safety (e.g. fire brigade, police) to assure that all the operations are running following the established standards and procedures;
• Coordinate the assessment and approval of the projects presented by the tenants in the areas of security and safety, including housekeeping.
• Prepare event reports to examine the business’ progress, detect deviations and take or suggest corrective measures.


• Preferential, degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering (bachelor or equivalent), with solid technical knowledge and +5 years of professional experience
• Safety and Security specialist
• Cleaning specialist
• Solid knowledge regarding risk and safety processes.
• Capable of preparing and controlling the annual budget for cleaning, security and safety
• Experience working with providers and contractors, guaranteeing their levels of service
• Strong ability to coordinate multidisciplinary teams
• Solid knowledge regarding specific Service Contract Management for cleaning, security and safety
• Fluent in English
• Proficient in MS Office
• Strong Problem-Solving Skills
• Structured, target-oriented and resilient
• Driving License

Please send your CV-s to the email: due August 22, 2022.
The interview with be held in English Language.

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