The famous French brand Mr. Bricolage, for the first time very soon will be present in our country, offering a wide range of products in a space of 3,000 square meters. Professional equipment for handymen but also for those that are passionate about maintenance and decoration of their homes and gardens, you’ll find everything only in Mr. Bricolage, in Prishtina Mall. .

Mr. Bricolage trades more than 40,000 products for garden, home decoration, renovation and maintenance, from technical equipment, like different tools for home maintenance, sanitary products, to decorations, and artistical products, everything that is needed for an interior and exterior of a home.

This brand is famous for its quality, low prices throughout the year and great variety of services. Whereas, the brand issued this statement regarding the opening of their newest shop in Prishtina:

“Mr. Bricolage is a story of solidarity and visionary entrepreneurs. Even before the popularisation of the term "Do It Yourself", the National Association of Do-It-Yourself Promoters (ANPF), was created by 13 independent hardware stores in the Orléans region in 1964 which were united into the brand name Mr. Bricolage in 1980. The entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA and has been our success for more than 50 years. Today, our Group is proud to be the largest network of DIY stores in France, with a strong brand that shines worldwide and with the latest being Prishtina. We are more than happy to welcome you to our newest adventure!”

You can find more information below:

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